Monday, July 26, 2010

300 crore,3,000,000,000 rupees,collection in March 2010.

The Telugu cinema industry is based in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Chennai is used as a hub for both Tamil, Telugu cinema until the early 1990’s, due to its importance and significance as yesteryear’s capital of South India Madras State. Still many Telugu cinemas are shot in the traditional studios such as AVM.Now Hyderabad is the mordern hub of telugu film industry, while Chennai remains to be the Home of Tamil film industry. The Telugu film industry produces the most films every year in India, with about 275 films produced in 2008.[1] Popular movies tend to open during the three festive holiday seasons of the region: Sankranthi, Ugadi, and Dussera. In 2004, total revenue for the Sankranthi season was around Rs. 1.5 billion US$37 million, as of 17 July 2007 greater than that of the Hindi Film industry. There are a number of television channels especially news channels, highest number of channels in india, unlike seen in other states such as DD saptagiri, Maa, Sakshi, Gemini, Eenadu, ZEE Telugu, Teja, TV9, TV5, Mahaa, NTV, Studio N, Sitara, TV1, inews, Hmtv, Zee 24 gantalu, Maa music, Gemini music, ETV2, Gemini news, local tv, dg cable, Atv, Gcv, Kushi tv,RK News etc. dedicated exclusively to feature programs related to Telugu movies.

Currently, about 150 Telugu films are released every year with approximately 3 productions every week. Just like any other cinema industry, the Telugu film industry produces all genres of cinema. In 2005, the annual turnover reached Rs. 2,550 million ticket sales of 160 crores. Today Telugu films are distributed to various theatres around the world in countries such as the USA, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, and Australia. In the USA Telugu cinema has a huge revenue in the form of NRI's.

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