Monday, July 26, 2010

Alamara paved way for telugu cinema

Success of Alam Ara made Irani to diversify into regional language
productions in Telugu and Tamil the same year.
It was Ardeshir Irani's
associate Hanumantha Muniappa Reddy who directed Bhakta Prahalada and
was released six weeks ahead of the first Tamil Talkie, Kalidas that
Reddy himself directed with a mixed cast of Telugu, Tamil and Hindi
actors. Bhakta Prahlada had an all-Telugu starcast featuring Munipalle
Subbiah as Hiranyakasipa and Surabhi Kamalabai as Leelavathy. Both the
films were made in Bombay. By 1936, the mass appeal of film allowed
directors to move away from religious and mythological themes.
That year, under the direction of Krithiventi Nageswara Rao, Prema
Vijayam, a film focusing on social issues, was released. Its success
prompted the production of dozens of other immensely successful
'social films', notably 1939's Vandemataram and Maala Pilla. Touching
on societal problems like the status of Untouchables and the practice
of giving dowry, Telugu films increasingly focused on contemporary
living: twenty-nine of the ninety-six films released between 1937 and
1947 had social themes.
Director of Alam Ara Ardeshir Irani,once again gave a important gift to film industry by producing first colored Hindi feature film,Kisan Kanya but the color concept became popular after 1955.

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